Finally getting that elective laryngectomy I always wanted!

Aidan Chappell
Finally getting that elective laryngectomy I always wanted!

Hey gang,

Well, it’s finally happening.  Dave and I split up over it, but he always was afraid of adventure. He was just going to hold me back anyway. It’s not like I never talked about this to him but, uggh you know how guys are, right gang? But he always looked at me like I was crazy. He actually asked me “Why would you want to get your voice box removed if nothing is wrong with it?”. UGH.

Like, don’t you realize how many people don’t have a voice? Poor people, homeless kids, the elderly. The whole continent of Africa, according to those sad Christian Children’s Fund commercials. There are so many people without voices why do I deserve one?

So I called the doctor, and set up the appointment. Next week! <3 <3


I’m not sure how this will affect my radio career but it’s 2016, I’m sure they’ll have video radio soon. Or maybe I’ll use Microsoft Sam. Either way, bye gang!


Aidan “Sarah Jessica Parker Brothers” Chappell

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