The First Martian Colony: Year 203X

Dawson Hebert-Arsenault
The First Martian Colony: Year 203X
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What will the name of the first Martian colony be? U.S. President Barack Obama recently declared that he wants men on mars by the 2030’s. He was stated as saying that in order to have boots on the ground for an extended period of time, public and private collaboration is required. Plus, he doesn’t just want to go there, he wants an extended stay to be possible. Might as well soak in the view eh? NASA is already working with private companies SpaceX and Boeing to develop new technologies to help get us to the red planet.

Even if the first colony is temporary, it needs to have a name. Do you think they’ll go with something cheesy like “Genesis”? Or will it just be some jumbling of letters and numbers like “ACXD1017”? I think it should be named something mundane like “Glenndale”. That way, any colonists can say they lived in Glenndale, Mars. That would make for great dinner talk.

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