Dawson Hebert-Arsenault
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It’s a month before the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. The 7th installment in the series takes place on the obviously Hawaiian inspired land of Alola. With previous releases, the Pokemon group has been pretty good at releasing breadcrumb trails of new Pokemon and mechanics included in the new game to build excitement for the new game.

This year is different.

Youtuber Kaphotics has been conducting a datamine of the Pokemon Sun & Moon demos and found a treasure trove of new information about the game. He’s found sprites for yet unannounced Pokemon, including eight possibly Legendary creatures. A new addition to the series is “Alolan” forms of Pokemon featured in previous series. The datamining so far proves that only first generation Pokemon will be getting Alolan forms. Dugtrio has glorious blonde hair in his Alolan sprite. I’m in love with it! Check out Kaphotics datamining videos for more sprites and in-depth analysis of the demo.


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