Brewer Park Pond going back to it’s old condition

Dante De Caria-Hinke
Brewer Park Pond going back to it's old condition
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If you’ve ever been down to Brewer Park off of Bronson you would notice something new.

Now, having a good ecosystem of ponds in the area is a big contribution to the environment. But in 2014 the the Rideau Vally used a culvert to join Brewer Parks pond with the Rideau River. This allows fish and animals to use the the so called culvert or “tunnel” to go from side to side. This now avoids fish die-offs and gives the water better oxygenate.

Monitoring to see just how well that plan was working turned out to be quite difficult. Until now.

The video below shows footage from an underwater GoPro camera. In the video you can see sunfish and big muskie using the culvert, as well as snapping turtles, painted turtles and even a beaver!

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