Quentin Tarantino. Next Deadpool Director?

Zachery McGibbon
Quentin Tarantino. Next Deadpool Director?

So with the recent news that Tim Miller will no longer be the director to the upcoming Deadpool movie, a fan started an online petition asking Ryan Reynolds to have Quentin Tarantino as the new director for the franchise. So far as of writing this, the petition has over 10 000 supporters to it! I can see both sides of the argument where it would be cool to see the director of the Kill Bill series and one of the more noted script writers of film being a part of the franchise. Then again, I feel if there were creative differences between Miller and Reynolds that led to Miller’s departure, I can’t imagine a creative guy like Tarantino wanting to sit aside for Reynolds. That’s just me though, I still think the 2nd film will be quite good as long as Reynolds is involved with the project.

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