The “No Headphone” Blues

Dawson Hebert-Arsenault
The "No Headphone" Blues

The principal of a lower Manhattan high school was savagely beaten by a student for asking him to remove his headphones. Yeah, you didn’t misread that. A man was beaten for asking someone to take off their headphones. The story is through the link if you crave some light reading.

To sum up, the principal asked the 18 year old student to turn down his music, which he didn’t. The principal then reached for the student’s headphones and was clocked across the jaw. The student jumped on him and viciously pounded the principal’s face and eyes. He¬†was taken to hospital and the student was charged with second-degree assault, a felonious charge.

I went to a Catholic High School, with all of it’s ancient traditions and trappings. In most cases, we weren’t allowed to listen to music. But I get the need for music, or at least an aspect of it. As a youth, headphones can be the only sort of privacy you can get. For a brief moment, you can forget school, work, and home. For a sliver of time, you can float alone on a cloud of harmony, rhythm, beat, and bass. There was a time in high school that my principal tried to stop me for wearing headphones in school. I was already on my way home after school so I just ignored him. I knew he was there, I knew he wanted me to stop. Did I care? Nope. I walked out and no one was hurt.

THIS however, is unacceptable. No matter how much you desire your music, you can’t assault someone over it. It’s unjust, petty, pathetic, and shows that you have less self-control than a dog.

Ridiculous. Maybe he’ll claim he was listening to his “pump up” song. Something by Death Grips probably…

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