Backyard Rinks, Turtles and Frogs at risk

Dante De Caria-Hinke
Backyard Rinks, Turtles and Frogs at risk
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Although the past few weeks have been very nice with the amount of sun in Ottawa, there’s a catch as things in the environment are now facing changes.

From your outdoor rink to turtles and frogs.

This cool and wet weather over the past few weeks hasn’t fixed the effects of this summer’s severe drought across Ontario but also in Ottawa.

The backyard rink situation comes into play because officials are saying you shouldn’t even pull out your hose to water the rink. Groundwater levels have still not recovered and people who rely on wells should think twice.

Water levels in streams and rivers are still below normal and might freeze to the bottom. Leaving frogs and turtles in big danger.

The issue with amphibians, is that they are burrowing into the mud on the shore lines. Whether or not the water will continue to drop, and it could be an issue for them.

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