“Deadpool” Director Tim Miller Now Working on Sony’s “Sonic The Hedgehog Movie”

Cameron Elder
"Deadpool" Director Tim Miller Now Working on Sony's "Sonic The Hedgehog Movie"


Photo Cred: Flicker

Shortly after “Deadpool” director Tim Miller left the “Deadpool 2” movie due to “Creative Differences” with Ryan Reynolds he has announced that he will be working with Sony on their upcoming “Sonic The Hedgehog” Movie.


Sonic The Hedgehog who was originally a video game character introduced in 1991, Sonic and his friends run around foiling the plots of the evil Doctor Robotnik or “Eggman” as he is also known as.

The movie is set to be a half live action half CGI project. Many have said this could either be the blue hedgehog’s great return or his biggest disaster.

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