A Spit in the Eye

Sumaya Alibhai

On the morning show this morning, my co-host, Dante De Caria and I came across this mind boggling story.

Get this–a 12 year old girl from BC was injured during a soccer game when the ball hit her in the face and detached her retina. The doctors have reattached the retina but she does have damage that could be irreparable and leave lasting damage. The worst part is, the insurance company that her mother had taken out an ‘accident’ policy with refuses to pay the family the $50,000 that their policy covers, but in turn is offering to pay for her $8 cab ride.

That is a spit in the face–not just because they won’t pay the policy, but because instead they are offering to pay the $8 cab ride. On principle alone that only makes the tough time this family must go through even worse.

A link to the full story will be listed below. Check it out and leave a comment!

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