Words of Wisdom

Curtis Kupkee
Words of Wisdom

A friend told me today that I shouldn’t view it as burning a bridge, but as creating a path.

And that’s how I’m going to view it from now on.

For every Republican-leaning ‘friend’ I remove, I am creating a path of safety for people of color.

For every ‘friend’ who voted Trump that I mercilessly delete, I am creating a path of comfort for disabled people.

For every ‘friend’ who tells me, no, you can’t hate Trump or Trump voters because then you’re just like him that I destroy with the extreme prejudice, I am creating a path of happiness for LGBT people.

Don’t tell me I’m burning a bridge when it was THEIR actions that caused it, people. I know exactly what I’m doing, and what I’m doing is a good thing that will, in the end, save me from a whole boatload of stuff I don’t need to deal with.

If they’re Republican leaning, if they voted in Trump? I didn’t need them for a friend anyway.

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