The End Of The Kicker?

Benjamin Maddigan
The End Of The Kicker?
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This weekend was a historic weekend for the NFL, as a record that has stood since 1966 was broken yesterday. But it’s probably not what you think. Peyton Manning’s passing records are still very much intact, as are Emmitt Smith’s rushing yards and Jerry Rice’s receiving yards. No, yesterday had the dubious distinction of seeing 12 (TWELVE) extra point attempts missed.

One or two in a day is newsworthy. But twelve? That’s historic. And it could be a problem. This season has seen a rise in kickers missing kicks, whether they be extra points or completely possible field goals. The NFL has made the extra point attempt more difficult by increasing the distance. But they are also mulling over the idea of narrowing the uprights to increase the difficulty even more. After yesterday’s abysmal showing, is that really a good idea? The role of the kicker is to put points on the board, plain and simple. If they cannot do it, what is the point of having them around? Are we approaching the end of the NFL kicker?


Check out the video below for some of the better plays of the weekend.

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