Conspiracy Zone: Was JFK real?

Aidan Chappell
Conspiracy Zone: Was JFK real?

Hi, I’m Aidan Chappell. Welcome to the conspiracy zone. Did aliens abduct the Lindbergh Baby… who built the Great Wall of China… and for what purpose? Today I will expose the lies that have always been there, before your eyes, starting with JFK. Did he exist? Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of the assassination of the 35th President of the United States, John F Kennedy. Strange, right? Well it gets stranger. Some assert that this was orchestrated by members of the US government, but these people are sheep. The truth is far more unnerving. JFK never existed at all. In the 60s the CIA experimented with mass hypnosis and hallucinogens in order to control the public. The height of these experiments came when they successfully tricked the entire world, including the rest of the Kennedy family, that a man named John F Kennedy was president. JFK was in fact in fact code for Just Fooling/Kidding, a classic example of the Illuminati leaving clues as to their plans of world domination. Actor Martin Sheen was the actual man in the White House, who would later use the experience when playing President Bartlett in the West Wing (another illuminati clue).

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