Kanye: A Proposal

Curtis Kupkee
Kanye: A Proposal

Do I like Kanye West?
Absolutely not.
Do I hate Kanye West?
Not really.

But I don’t think he deserves all the attention he gets. No, I think Kanye West has a problem. Many problems, actually. But first and foremost…I don’t think he’s well.

With all this fame, all this attention, comes the worst thing possible…the biggest fish attracts the hungriest predators, after all. The media has been flaying him alive since he started, and honestly? I don’t think they should be…for some stuff. Some.

Now, if he says something stupid like “I think Trump should have won”? BLAST HIM. Go for it! It’s stupid, wail on him for it. But if it comes out ‘Oh he’s been bipolar this entire time’? That’s not a negative thing. Mental illness is not a negative qualifier. So just let him be on this one, okay?

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