Black Friday to Christmas: A Shopper’s Nightmare

Benjamin Maddigan
Black Friday to Christmas: A Shopper's Nightmare
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That’s another Black Friday in the books, and it seems like the tradition is alive and well. Low prices, great deals, and overwhelming mobs. People getting trample by a rush of bodies looking to save. Physical fights breaking out over the last big screen TV in stock. Consumerism at its finest.

And don’t look now, but Christmas is less than a month away. This is the very worst time of year to be a shopper. Common courtesy and human decency go out the window as people try to complete their shopping and get that perfect gift. And I understand part of it. I get irritable in crowds. Waiting in lines suck. But yelling and screaming isn’t going to solve anything. Neither is physically assaulting anyone. Yet it happens. Check out the video below, and tell me that’s the true meaning of the holidays.

The real victims here are the store employees. People who have to deal with the insanity while getting paid minimum wage. As a veteran of retail sales, my heart goes out to these brave, braves souls. I always treat them with respect, patience and understanding. They are being abused and swarmed this time of year, and they are not getting paid what the deserve to deal with it.

So the next time you are at a ridiculously crowded store, trying to score a big deal, take a second to remember that the people around you are human beings. I urge you, remember what the holiday spirit is all about: community, love, and generosity.

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