Pokemon: 100 Million Monsters

Dawson Hebert-Arsenault
Pokemon: 100 Million Monsters
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sun and Moon has been out for two weeks, and has broken multiple sales records around the world. As always, Nintendo is proving that Pokemon is a massively popular series that is here to stay.

One of the newest features added to the Hawaiian-inspired Pokemon game are Global Missions. These missions are cooperative objectives that Poketrainers across the Earth complete together. The first mission is pretty simple:

Catch 100 million Pokemon.

It sounds daunting, but if any game could reach those high numbers, it would be Pokemon. The mission will be active until December 12th. If the goal is reached, everyone gets 2000 Festival coins to spend on upgrading Pokestats. Even if the mission isn’t met, you can at least get 100 Festival coins minimum. Players can sign up by visiting the in-game Festival Plaza, and talking to a woman behind the counter in the castle. Your progress will sync everytime you access online features.

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