Only a Little Star Struck

Curtis Kupkee
Only a Little Star Struck

There’s no feeling quite like having an artist you admire start following you, whether that’s on social media or Soundcloud or anything, really. That’s why when I found out one such artist we play on the station had started following me on Soundcloud, I kind of sort of admittedly made some sort of inhuman noise best described as a ‘happy noise’.

I mean, they do absurdly good work, and it’s always nice to get a new follow or to get more people listening to your stuff. Even if it’s just my on-air demos or some production work I’ve done, it feels really good to expand your listener base.

Especially when it’s someone who’s work you admire!

Alas, on a sadder note, this is it, folks. The last blog post I’ll be making on our lovely website. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? All of us at the station have. It’s been a wonderful ride, seeing people grow, become better broadcasters or producers or promoters or salespeople…seeing people really come into their own.

So I dedicate this final post to everyone in the Radio program who’s helped me come this far, and everyone who I’ve had the utmost pleasure of helping in their own journeys, whether it be picking them up and dusting them off, pushing them back into the ring, or just lending a friendly ear.

Here’s to all of you, my friends. We’ve made it.

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