The Bands of CKDJ 107.9 

High Waters:

One of Ottawa’s artiest sounding groups. High Waters are progressing in their career drop by drop. Having started back in 2009; the band consists of Derek Connely, Martin Villenueve, Troy Huizinga, and Matt Speedy. Every member contributes more than one instrument to the band’s sound which makes them quite unique. Blending the sounds of guitar, bass, drums and a good amount of synth their music really grabs hold of the listener’s attention. Their latest album called “Goodnight Mara” was released on September 19th, 2015.


Emmas Ringer:

Emma’s Ringer is a three-piece grunge outfit based in Ottawa. Scott McCooeye, Scott Maybee, and Owen Coffin. The band has a dynamic sound powered by Boss Distortion pedals, and their sound is heavily reminiscent of the pivotal stoner metal/grunge bands Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Kyuss. Their debut single “Colours” is very reminiscent of the majority of the first band’s work. Blending powerful four-to-the-floor drumming, crunchy guitar riffs, and screamed incomprehensible lyrics, Scott Maybee channels his inner Kurt Cobain. At one point, organist Scott McCooeye plays Krist Novoselic’s bass riff from “Come as You Are” on the Minimoog. The angst-ridden tone of the song is a neo-throwback to the sounds of Seattle in the 90’s.


Pipahauntas is the brainchild musical experiment of Ottawa vocalist Sam Pippa. Pippa’s vocals are highly sensual and evocative of such performers as The Weeknd and SZA of Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q’s Top Dawg Entertainment. Her song “Blossom” is worthy of this description, as she croons in a style that has influences of Icelandic New Age luminary Bjork. Producers such as High Fantasy, KNOWSUM, and Lin Mori composed appropriate background chillwave music for her sultry vocals. Most of her songs would not sound out of place in an ambient lounge or a Bronze 56k skateboarding video. This romantic performer should have a lucrative career for years to come with this sound.





Remember the Arcadians:

Get ready to trash the living room, because Remember the Arcadians are ready to pulverize you into an emo mosh-pit that’s worthy of New Jersey straight edge clubs. With a sound reminiscent of Grade, Millencolin, No Use For A Name, and Bodyjar, lead vocalist Kevin Sernoski sings his heart out like Jesse Lacey is possessing his soul. Never since the times of Somehow Hollow has a Canadian emo band made waves this big on the local scene.





The Ramblin’ Valley Band:

Never has there been a ferocious sound of bluegrass this side of the Mason-Dixon county line. This five-piece has all of the banjos and steel guitar sounds of Alabama mixed with the hearty Southern Gothic country vocals of Sixteen Horsepower. The Zac Brown Band may be a close relative reference for newcomers to this dynamic band.




Potential Red:

Potential Red is the bedroom recording project of Ottawa, Ontario musician David Sklubal. His music encompasses the feelings of morose depression that was previously signified by bands such as Joy Division and New Order. Sklubal’s voice will heavily conjure mental images of the former’s Ian Curtis or Michael Gira from Swans.





Flight Distance:

Flight Distance

Flight Distance is a trio rap crew composed of 2 MCs and 1 DJ (Bender, Patience, and DJ Calkuta) The crew has released 3 albums to date archiving from 2005. Bender was a champion of the Canadian rap battle league “King of The Dot” founded by Travis “Organik” Fleetwood, and his name may be a reference to the sassy alcoholic robot of the same name from Matt Greoning’s “Futurama”. In a way, Flight Distance’s Bender possesses a similar attitude to his lyrics.







Winchester Warm:

Winchester Warm

Winchester Warm is a power pop duo from Ottawa and is comprised of the members Jonathan Pearce and Matthew Godin. In a way, their music evokes nostalgia for jangle pop bands with breezy harmonies such as Barenaked Ladies or Gin Blossoms. Their song “Like an Anchor” owes a huge debt to the Scottish band Del Amitri’s 1995 single “Roll to Me”. For feel good tunes in the realm of Hootie & The Blowfish or Sister Hazel, you can’t go wrong with Winchester Warm.






GravenGraven is the indie brainchild of singer-songwriter Matty McKechnie. The song “Blaze of Saturdaze” is an ode to the lazy Saturday mornings spent as a youth on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or the Sega Genesis. This song should evoke nostalgia and powerful graven feelings of licking Popsicles and playing Super Mario Bros. 3. Now, if only Mario could change into a tanuki form…






Patrick Lac & South Heaven:

Patrick Lac & South Heaven

Born in Ottawa, Patrick Lac is a melodic guitarist with lots of dynamics and a powerful compressed voice. His performances have entertained and intrigued crowds and critics from the East-West span as down far as Cincinnati, Ohio.








The Yips:

The Yips

The Yips are a garage rock five-piece with explosive tube amp sounds. Their song “Repeater” is a nod to the 1990 Fugazi album of the same name, and the vocals are very reminiscent of other musicians such as The Smugglers and The Leather Uppers. Their musical output is self-described as “Ouija rock”.





Big Dick:

BD Band

This Ottawa duo is more famous for their potentially offensive name in the vein of the Butthole Surfers. Speaking of the Surfers, the band has their own noise rock/grunge sound with lyrics sardonically celebrating human failure and ineptitude. Their album title “Disappointment” is a sly nod to Freud’s theory of penis envy. Johnny O and Dave Secretary trade vocals with no singer out-performing the other.






Megan Landry:


Megan Landry Musician

Megan Landry is kind of a “Jill-of-all-trades”. Not only is she an Interactive Media Design student at Algonquin College, she’s also a photographer and freelance journalist. Her sophisticated pop melodies will evoke mental images of New Zealand songstress Lorde.









Boyhood is a twee pop/lo-fi indie noise rock band that has trippy guitar melodies and slow-tempered drumming on their tune “He Don’t” which judging by the title, is not an upbeat break-up song sung by a sassy R&B diva like Beyonce or Chili, but rather is a dirge composed by Caylie Runciman. Recommended for fans of Sonic Youth and Boredoms.







Dear Blackwolf:

Dear Blackwolf

Dear Blackwolf is a menacing blues rock band that sounds like the Black Keys. Recorded in Gallery Studios in Ottawa, the band has a sound described as “rumble rock”. Joseph Perry has a very soulful voice in the style of George Thorogood or John Lee Hooker. Vibrant shades of Blind Willie McTell also appear in their music.








Steve Adamyk Band:

Steve Adamyk Band

The Steve Adamyk Band may sound like a blues or smooth jazz outfit according to their name. However, they are loud, fast, and snotty garage punk. Formed in 2010 out of the remaining members of the Million Dollar Marxists, the band has begun to achieve a cult following and is currently planning a tour of Japan. Ben Weasel of the Illinois pop-punk band Screeching Weasel has praised the band highly on his own radio show.




The Tenenbaums:

The Tenebaums

The Tenenbaums are comprised of Sheehan Jordan, Kyle Jordan, and Alex Gravelle. Jordan has a voice that is comparable to gargling glass in a back alley. The band’s dedication to the hardcore punk scene is completely evident throughout the entirety of their EP, “We’ll Always Have Milhouse”.






Sharon Cardiff:

Sharon Cardiff

Sharon Cardiff was born in Montreal. After graduating from the Mont Royal College Conservatory of Music, she set off to record music for herself. Her conservatory skills are evident throughout her single “Single Word” which brings to mind the memories of The Goo Goo Dolls, Melanie Doane, and Fiona Apple. Her vocals are dripping with emotional honesty and rawness.




The Hungry Animals:

The Hungry Animals

Matthew Couto& Marc Bright-Chochlekov & Ilan Mucher& Micah Rakoff Bellman all formed this progressive indie band that utilizes odd complex time signatures and polyrhythmic drumming. Listen closely for their song “Methylphenidate” for an enriching auditory experience.







Iconolast is known for their live energy and pure passion in their set-lists. This dynamic active rock band has opened up for testosterone-fueled contemporaries such as Finger Eleven and Theory of a Deadman. Their anthem “I Run” has been used as bumper music for the Senators’ warm-up music. If you want a rock revival, look no further than Iconoclast.





The Heavy Medicine Band:

The Heavy Medicine Band

Hide your pills in your medicine cabinet, because The Heavy Medicine Band will suck you into a lengthy acid trip collage of sounds. Influenced by Mark Kozelek & The Red House Painters, The Heavy Medicine Band performs a style of music that can only be identified under the “slowcore” genre.






The Boreds:

The Boreds

The third season of the universe is one that inspires lots of great music that shares the same theme. The Boreds ironically play surf rock in a raucous style that obviously has shades of The Beach Boys and The Reverend Horton Heat. Adam Tremblay, David Bullock, and James Swaine are bringing you fresh music for carving waves like Rob Machado and Kelly Slater.




Average Times:

Average Times

Average Times play very sunny and sugary garage punk that is self-described as sounding like “barf and sugar mixed together”. Their songs are at an average of 1.5 minutes each, and their self-titled album is a breeze to get through. Hear their song “Popsicle” right here on CKDJ.