It’s another Monday Morning Mashup. The theme for the February 20th Edition, It is all Rap. It’s very straight forward, songs that are rap or songs that incorporate rap in the songs. With this edition, Russ T joined to give some of his opinion on this list. Sit back and drop that bass.

  1. Charron – Always Talking from ‘Bath Salts & Vinegar Chips’
    • Starting off the hour really strong. Charron takes his rapping to another height not only rapping on songs but battle rapping against other rappers. He has a brand new music video that is on his Youtube channel called “Long Way To Go”. Get a roach clip and check out Charron at
  2. Drae – First Time from ‘E/SCAPE’
    • Drae went all out for this album blends electronic, hip-hop and a tad of dub step to the table. He has one music video from one of the tracks from the album. For ‘First Time’, Drae was able to recruit Nicholas Poupponeau of Zoo Legacy for this track. Check out Drae at
  3. Poetic Elements – U.P.L.
    • A very unique rapper within Ottawa. Poetic Elements has his most recent EP called ‘Diamond Life’ which was released back in 2014. Before even doing his EP, Poetic Elements had ‘U.P.L.’, probably one of his most catchy songs. Remember ‘U’ is for you who we always represent, ‘P’ is for the Us Poetic Elements, ‘L’ is for the Life. Check out Poetic Elements at
  4. Kassidy – Wiseman
    • Kassidy has become quite well known throughout Ottawa. Especially with the music videos that he puts out. Kassidy has a music video for ‘Wiseman’ and has reached almost 10,000 views. You can check out Kassidy at ‘
  1. Flight Distance – High Bias/Unstuck in Whatever from ‘High Priests of Low-Life’
    • It wouldn’t be a rap list without incorporating Flight Distance. The lyrics are really tight for this song and some of the sound effects found within the song make the song just that much interesting. High Priests of Low-Life was released back in 2014 and hopefully new material from Flight Distance will come our way soon. Check out Flight Distance at
  2. Jesse Dangerously and Friends – Coming Out Wrong from ‘Subversive Ciphers’
    • This song is very autobiographical. Even by looking at the lyrics “Never felt I was a girl, I could only wish I was, and feel ashamed about my fat body and homeliness. Ironically, I didn’t know that that’s how girls are supposed to feel in a culture that doesn’t treat them as though they’re even close to real!” The rapping in this is just superb and there’s a reason that he’s rap legend Jesse Dangerously. Check out Jesse Dangerously and Friends at ‘
  3. Proper ‘T ft. D-Sisive – The Winter Solstice from ‘Against The Current’
    • Proper ‘T busted out with his debut album back in early July of last year and highlights his great rapping skills. For the album, he also brought in D-Sisive who is another well-known local to do this song. You can check out Proper ‘T at ‘
  4. The ADDing Machine – New World Order from ‘ADDlluminati’
    • The ADDing Machine is not what you think, it does not involve math but does involve 3 extremely talented rappers. Sounding like a broken down Nintendo and a killer beat in the back, the group really proved that they have skill. Check out The Adding Machine if you do believe in the Iluminati at ‘
  5. Just Poets – Out of Sight from ‘Painting Pictures in the Darkness’
    • Also a big part of the local rap scene in Ottawa. For the album ‘Painting Pictures in the Darkness’, it was also produced by Ottawa rapper Jeepz which was released back in 2014. Just poets have a brand new album which was released last year in July called ‘Funk, Flow, Style & Soul’. Check out Just Poets at ‘
  6. KING – Call Me KING from ‘Call Me KING EP’
    • Before becoming ‘Drae’, he was known as KING. Releasing a couple of songs and an EP for the name change. In the music video ‘Death of a Tyrant’ marks the end of KING and the beginning of DRAE. Check out KING at ‘
  7. Phil Motion & The Easy Lo-Fi – Timebomb
    • Compared to the other songs on this list. This track is a lot funkier than the rest of the list. It seems like the time bomb is about to explode with the horn section being right in front making this rap song lean more towards R&B. Make sure to check out Phil Motion & The Easy Lo-Fi at ‘

Big thanks to Russ-T for joining me. Make sure you tune into Russ T’s show with Aiden Chappell called ‘The Dungeon’ on Fridays at 10pm

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