It’s another Monday Morning Mashup. The theme for the March 20th Edition, are solo artists in Ottawa. All of these songs are done either by themselves or with a backing band and who have made it work for themselves doing it on their own. Sit back and enjoy.

  1. Fire Antlers – Joie De Vivre from ‘Crawl’
    • With only a drum machine backing him, Travis Kinnear or Fire Antlers has some damn good songs. He released his EP called ‘Crawl’ containing 6 songs. The album also features Cam Stacey who has worked with plenty of Ottawa artists playing guitar and bass on some of the tracks. Fire Antlers has been also Played on Shot in the Dark Sessions featuring Ottawa Artists performing live. Make sure to check out Fire Antlers at ‘
  2. Issac Vallentin – Screaming Light from ‘Hedera’
    • An interesting twist on folk music. A very dark Simon and Garfunkel. Making himself know in the local scene working with Pony Girl and Jeff Kingsbury. This guy is a one man show, writing, arranging and producing his album ‘Hedera’. It makes sense, if you want it to sound the way you hear it in your head. You do it yourself. Check out Issac Vallentin at ‘
  3. Mergazer – Mirror Maze and Other Voices from ‘Mirror Maze’
    • Like Issac Vallentin, Mika Posen or Merganzer’s music is scary or spooky but yet gripping. Mika Posen recorded this material while she was in Germany of 2014. She made the songs using her customized ‘Mikatron’, a machine that has 90 samples of Posen’s violins making her songs. This former member of Timber Timbre has defiantly made something special. Check out Mergazer at ‘
  4. How Far to Mexico – Fools from ‘Drought’
    • This band is not from Mexico but are from Ottawa. How Far to Mexico released their EP last year containing great trippy indie rock. Sounds like a road trip to Mexico though. Like most local bands you can get How Far to Mexico on tape for digital download. Check them out at ‘
  5. Dubé – You
    • 3 brothers coming together to make music. There have been family bands within music like the Beach Boys and the Bee Gees and the Dubé Brothers have that chemistry. It seems that families probably work together better. They have opened for the Beach Boys before and have played at Bluesfest before. You might be hearing more from this band shortly. Check them out on iTunes.
  6. Scattered Clouds – Enchanteress from ‘The First Empire’
    • Scattered Clouds is very hard to describe. If you listened to David Bowie’s last album ‘Blackstar’ it has the same vocal stylings but sounds like this album would be in a horror film. It’s very unsettling but very appealing at the same time. Make sure to check out Scattered Clouds at ‘
  7. Expanda Fuzz – Flavor: Zombie from ‘Blurets’
    • The first song that unveiled the Ottawa local scene to Expanda Fuzz. The first single out of two singles (the other being ‘The Disco Sounds of Roof Rack’) After this was released Expanda Fuzz has been releasing singles ‘Sonic Halo/September’ and ‘At War with Summer/I Got You’. We will sure to be more of Expanda Fuzz sooner than later. Check out Expanda Fuzz at ‘
  8. Kelly Sloan – Big Deal from ‘Big Deal’
    • A artist who has made her name quite well known with her acoustic guitar and her poppy voice. This song compared to the rest is slower pace and very mellow in some kind of way. She released her album ‘Big Deal’ back in May of 2016 when being in Newfoundland for one week recording the entire album which is a short amount of time. For something done in a short amount of time, it holds up. Check out Kelly Sloan
  9. Goodnight Boy – Olivia from ‘s/t album’
    • Compared to the other hit single ‘Morals’ this song takes a different direction. A much mellower slower pace compared to the in your face style of Morals which brings the s/t album in a different direction and gives in a different demension. Goodnight Boy is to release new music within the Spring/Summer of this year. Check out some of their stuff from the first album at ‘
  10. Doves – Catherine Wheel from ‘Lo-Fx’
    • Don’t know to much about this band but they defiantly have a trippy song with ‘Catherine Wheel’. Haven’t heard much of Doves around the Ottawa local scene but what i have heard from the band, I’m hoping to hear more from the band sooner rather than later. Give me your opinion as well. Check them out!!
  11. Claude Munson and the Storm Outside – A Pirate’s Tale from ‘Claude Munson and the Storm Outside’
    • Claude Munson hasn’t been releasing any new material for a while from my knowledge but is still playing lots of shows. He will be playing at Bluesfest this year which is a big accomplishment. This is interesting having a pirate kind of theme going which is really different and cool. Check out Claude Munson and the Storm Outside at ‘

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